JUMP SuperStars SmashBros



Naruto, Goku, Sephiroth, Sonic, Link, Mario...Let's fight!


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JUMP SuperStars SmashBros is a fighting game that combines the best of JUMP SuperStars and Super SmashBros, to bring you a one-on-one combat experience with the most complete, extensive, and delirious cast of characters imaginable.

The best part of the game is, without a doubt, the wide variety of characters that gives you the possibility of playing with: Cloud, Sonic, Mario, Link, Mufasa (from the Lion King), Earthworm Jim, Kirby, Goku, Krilin, Vegeta, Wario, a Pokemon trainer, and Lufy, among many others.

Each character comes with his own array of normal and special attacks. This means that Goku can launch Kamehameha waves, Lufi can stretch his extremities in order to hit his enemies, and Link can use all of his weapons (a bow and arrow, a boomerang, a sword...)

The JUMP SuperStars SmashBros' graphics are not out of this world, in fact, in some cases, they are way too pixelated. In spite of this, the general game's aesthetic is great, and it's really fun to play with friends.

JUMP SuperStars SmashBros is a fighting game that stands out, it’s worth playing even if just to have the pleasure of seeing Vegeta and Sonic dish it out on a scene from the Pokemon world. The wonders of videogames!
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